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What do professional maid services include?

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Having a clean home without work is the dream. We all have busy lives, and the last thing we want to do when we get back from work or during our weekend is to spend it cleaning the house.

More than anything, having professional cleaners expertly make your home look stunning is a great stress reliever. From the stresses of work, or school, or everyday life. Chores like housekeeping can fall to the wayside or get done poorly and in a rush.

You deserve a clean and beautiful home and time to relax, and you can have both when you hire help. Below we’ll break down some of the many cleaning services that we offer here at MaidOK that make your life a whole lot easier.

Home Cleaning Services

Our base residential cleaning services are exceptional and cover the basics of every home. We offer three packages depending on the level of service you are looking for.

Our Basic Package includes thoroughly dusting all furniture pieces and cleaning all main rooms, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. We also vacuum the carpets and sweep and mop any hard flooring.

Our Deep Cleaning Package involves everything from the basic cleaning and kicks it up a notch. We go over your home with a fine-tooth comb and get it all cleaned. From baseboards and cabinet doors, to the light fixtures, vents, and blinds. We will clean almost everything and check to ensure we got everything.

Our last of the home cleaning services is the Make Ready Home Package which is perfect for when you move in or out of a place. This service includes all the cleaning of the previous packages along with cleaning of the cabinet and appliance interiors.

It’s safe to say that any one of our packages has the attention to detail and care that your home needs to look beautiful.

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Window Cleaning

As much as we love all the natural light that windows give us, we can’t stand how unsightly they are when dirt and rain make a mess of them.

That's why we offer dedicated window cleaning services if you want them added to other services or as an individual service.

We bring the same level of care to the windows as we do the rest of the home. We can make the glass sparkle and make the frames worthy of housing them again.

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Organizing & Cleanup

Even if your home isn’t dirty, it can be messy. Because of this, we offer decluttering and organizing solutions for those that may have a harder time parting with some old things.

Or perhaps you want to keep everything you have, but need some help getting it all in a neat and manageable place.

A cluttered and messy environment can contribute to stress and other mental health issues. In fact, Headspace spoke with Dorothy Breiniger from the popular television series Hoarders, and she had this to say regarding the effects of decluttering, “They experienced momentum in the areas where they were blocked, which in turn bred hope, vision, and excitement toward what was important to them.”

We always recommend these services to anyone feeling a little claustrophobic in their home.

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Laundry Service

Whether you want all the clothes out of your way after a busy day at work or want that done while your house is clean, we can help you out.

We offer laundry services to make your days just that much easier. We will wash and dry your clothing in your home and iron, fold, and hang, any garments that need it.

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Other Services

As we mentioned earlier, we offer more services than we will be able to fit into this article.

To briefly give some of them attention, we also clean walls, ovens, artificial plants, and porches and can do power washing of your decks, patios, and sidewalks.

We can also help with disinfecting your property if germs are of concern or perform water damage repair and restoration.

If you are a business owner or manage a company, we also provide commercial and janitorial services should the need arise.

Whatever service you may find yourself getting, we can assure you that our staff is expertly trained to provide the best possible cleaning and make your home look like it belongs in a design magazine.

Professional cleaning services are so wonderful you’ll find yourself having a hard time ever going back.

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